Whether it is your first time to visit a strip club or you have been a regular customer, understanding the rules and etiquette of the club will help maximize your experience. Making some mistakes can kill the excitement and fun and waste your money. To make the most of your experience when spending an evening at the cabaret, avoid making the following mistakes:

Bringing a Reluctant Woman

A girlfriend brought at a strip club by force will not make eye contact with the dancers. She will cross her arms and feel uncomfortable about being there. Thus, if you want to maximize your strip club experience, bring only a date who likes to be there. With a girl who is not open-minded about the experience, no stripper will ever talk to you and you will have a bad experience.

Choosing an Unworthy VIP Deal

If you will visit a strip club with a party, you might be offered some VIP deals. Unfortunately, this type of deal is usually not worth your money. This package might have you whisked off somewhere and brought with the best girls who will give heavy tips to the host. When you are stuck to a deal, you will miss out on much of the talent of the club. But, if you choose a VIP package, you must have a discussion of prices first. If you don’t want to be targeted by shady businesswomen or go over budget, ask what the cost is upfront.

Not Tipping the Stage

Stage tipping is a regional activity. Some men might tip a lot or approach the stage only rarely. However, to ensure a steady flow of pretty strippers will visit your table, tip the stage at least two bucks. Girls will see that you are engaged with what is happening in the club.

Failing to Ask about the Rules

Asking about the rules of the club will save you confusion and possible awkwardness. You definitely don’t want a stripper chastising you for not giving her tips. If you are new to strip clubs and used to the rules set by strict no-contact clubs, you might get thrown out for your aggressive response after a dancer sits on your lap.

Considering Only the Looks When Buying a Lap Dance

If you want a greater experience than watching a lame chick dancing on your lap, make sure to pick a dancer not only based on looks. Aside from appearance, you should also consider factors like body language and customer interaction.

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