Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids boasts a unique 200-seat concert venue called Listening Room. This acoustically pleasing venue is for nationally touring artists and local performers. This unique Concert venue in Grand Rapids showcases the art of music to the community and visitors to the city that tends to become a music mecca. Read on to know what this popular concert venue has to offer:

Offering Listening Experience with a Bar-Restaurant Feel

The Studio C Listening Room is built to offer every guest a premium listening experience combined with a bar-restaurant feel. The management works closely with local, regional, and national acts. Some national artists play several shows on several nights. This concert venue is made to achieve the goal of creating a special, intimate concert experience for music fans.

Seeing the Music Live without Fighting Crowds

Being able to see live music without the crowed of an arena will give guests a more special experience. The owner of the venue aims for a jazz club feel. The venue is situated adjacent to the nine-screen theater complex and atop a restaurant with a hotel directly above. The 4, 000 square-foot listening room also features a bar with varying seating types and elevations. The Listening Room is a more personal kind of space.

Taking In the Art of Music

The creation of the music venue aligns with the owner’s vision to keep the momentum of the arts moving along in the Grand Rapids community. The focus is to come up with a comfortable, existing, and incredible sounding room for people to take in the art of music. When it comes to acoustics, the Listening Room project ensures it’s dialed in and that music sounds as it should, without any disruptions. The room’s size falls in between a venue like Ann Arbor’s The Ark.

The Listening Room offers a vibrant mix of performances and genres, hosting many shows per week with different ticket prices, depending on the event and artist. The venue could offer national touring artists the convenience of staying in the on-site hotel. They may perform two shows on a single night and even on multiple nights. The venue is said to be another step to build the music scene of Grand Rapids and create new experiences for the community. To fill a bit of a gap in the music scene, the venue offers concertgoers an amazing experience through topnotch performances and comfortable setting.

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