The Michelada became popular in the 1940s when people started to mix beer with salsa or hot sauce. This beer cocktail is the Mexican cousin of the Bloody Mary and known for being a good cure for hangovers. Micheladas are available in a variety of options and some people even choose to use oranges in place of lemon or lime. Because of their popularity, it is now possible to buy mambo chelada mix online. With this product, you only need to get a beer as the base of the cocktail.  The Michelada is a new take on prepared beer and is easy to make and perfect during hot days.

Garnishing your Michelada

With a Michelada mix you will have a delicious beer cocktail ready for drinking in just seconds. However, what about the garnish and the rim? The Michelada features a vibrant color that looks great in clear glass with all kinds of appetizing garnishes. With this beer cocktail, you can challenge your creativity. You can choose to create a Blood Mary effect or add a celery stick; however, you have more options than you may have thought.

You can alternate green olives, shrimp, and cheery tomatoes on a small-to-medium-sized skewer. When placed inside the drink, this combo will add more color and interest to it. If you only want fruit, consider expanding your lime garnish to include lemons and oranges. You can slip the garnish into a skewer or let it sit on the rim. Also, it can float on top of your drink.

If you are preparing Michelada for a party, make sure you prepare a variety of garnishes before your guests arrive. Your guests can pick the garnish they want to top their drink with. You can rim your glass with beer salt, seasoned salt, or regular salt before adding any garnishes.

How to Make a Michelada

A good Michelada recipe includes a Mexican beer, lime, coarse salt, Worcestershire sauce, clamato, and hot sauce. Wet the rim of the glass using half of the lemon. Dip the rim in the salt so it builds up. Put ice in the glass and squeeze the other half of the lemon into it. Then, add Worcestershire sauce, clamato, and hot sauce to taste. Lastly, pour the beer into the glass and stir well before serving it. Although the Michelada tastes better with Mexican beer, you can also use other light beers. Also, the clamato juice is not a must in this recipe.

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